Ses Gavines, Cala Anguila

Waiting for you …

It has been a tough year. We are looking forward to next spring and summer. Hoping that we’ll arrive healthy, wiser and ready to enjoy and take care of our planet. Cala Anguila will be waiting for us.

We wish you a happy new year and forget this hard, but almost finished 2020 year

Ses Gavines, swimming pool

Let grow your passion for Mallorca …

By sunrise on the gentle east coast and sunset from the majestic cliffs of the west. For the marine aroma characteristic of the inner islands of the Mediterranean, with its crystal waters and white sandy beaches.

Savoured the authentic cuisine with unique foods, or enjoy with the beautiful villages in the interior, with its stone houses arranged in harmony, where time seams stands still to be cherished and experienced in all its depth.

And do not just come to Mallorca in the summer. Enjoy Mallorca in February, with the green fields under the almond trees in bloom. In April, with the arrival of spring, or in autumn, when nature wears the polychrome of yellows, reds and browns.

Enjoy bike riding for its quiet country roads between the orange aroma. Or sailing in the big blue on a sailboat or a lute. Or swimming you into one Biosphere Reserves, like the archipelago of Cabrera. Mallorca is much more then sun and sand!